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We write all type of Surety Bonds except for Bail Bonds. Please take a look at some of the most common types of Surety Bonds and insurance products we offer below.

MVD / Auto Dealer Bonds

This bond is typically required to obtain a license to sell and buy cars. MVD bonds protect the obligee from a variety of different infractions incurred by the dealer.

Any License or Permit Bond

These bonds are required of those who must obtain licenses or permits from cities, towns, or a public body before they can proceed with various activities. These bonds, although used for a variety of purposes, usually guarantee that the persons who post them will comply with statutes, regulations or ordinances that regulate their activities.

Contractor License Bonds

A CLB Bond is required to obtain your license. Typically required by a State, but Towns, Cities and Countries can require this too.

Payment and Performance Bonds

Payment and performance bonds are extra assurance that their contactors will complete their projects and ensure payment to any subcontractors, suppliers and/or vendors before they will sign a contract.  So in addition to standard liability insurance, they will often also require a payment and performance bond.

Site Improvement Bonds

A Site Improvement bond is also known as a subdivision bond the bond, which guarantees the completion of the site improvements, such as roads, sewers, water, electricity and other utilities.

Lost Title Bonds

A Lost Title Bond, also known as a defective title bond, or Certificate of Title Surety Bond is a requirement by state motor vehicle departments when a person attempts to register a vehicle, mobile home, boat or trailer with a defective title (endorsed improperly) or no title on hand at all.

Express Scripts Bonds

Express Scripts' is now requiring some applicants who wish to contract with them to furnish a $500,000 performance bond for at least the first two years of the contract. This requirement, “guarantees to the obligee (Express Scripts) that the principal will carry out the performance of their contract according to terms and conditions agreed to by the parties

Fidelity & ERISA Bonds

Fidelity bonds, also known as Employee Dishonesty Bonds, Janitorial Services Bonds, or Business Services Bonds (depending on your type of business) cover theft of your client’s property, money, or securities while on the client’s premises. ERISA Bonds cover theft to the 401(k) or employee benefits plan.

Commercial Insurance

Protect yourself and your business with commercial insurance. Depending on your business operations, we may have several insurance products specifically designed to protect you from the everyday risks of doing business.

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How Surety Works:

Unlike Insurance, Surety bonds protect the Obligee not your business. Surety bonds typicaly provides monetary compensation to the obligee if the principal fails to perform under the terms set in the bond form. With Insurance the principal is indemnifed by the insurance carrier, but with Surety the Surety is indemnifing the Obligee and the principal is Indemnifing the Surety company. Simply stated the principal is responsible for paying back the Surety company any damages that occur.

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