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Gone are the days of prolonged waiting periods and complex bond requirements. With our online portal, over 10,000 bonds are approved instantly. That's right, in mere seconds, insurance agents can provide clients with accurate and instantaneous bond quotes. This not only enhances client trust but also exponentially increases the efficiency of operations.
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A seamless financial experience is integral to efficient service delivery. Understanding this, our portal comes equipped with a direct bill feature. This function ensures that payments, both big and small, are effortless and hassle-free for both the agent and the client.
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Juggling between multiple client databases? With our portal, there's no need. The platform offers a centralized system where agents can store, manage, and monitor all their clients' data in one single, accessible location.
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In the dynamic world of insurance, it's crucial to stay on top of important dates and renewals. Our system offers a proactive solution. It sends timely reminders to your customers about significant dates, including bond renewals.
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Keeping the communication channel open and transparent is paramount. Our portal simplifies this process by updating the status of your client's requests in real-time. It also proactively nudges your customers for any information or documentation that might be required, thereby removing manual follow-ups.
6. Automated Quoting:
The future is automation, and our portal is at the forefront of it. Without any intervention from the agent, the system is designed to send quotes automatically. All that is required from the agent's end is to send a link to the client. Once accessed, the client steps into a self-sufficient platform that takes care of their needs.
Contractor License Bond "CLB"
Contractor license bonds or CLB's assure that a contractor such as a plumber, electrician, or general contractor complies with local ordinances, codes and building regulations relating to his field. These bonds are required by cities or states and the requirements vary per obligee (the one requiring you to get the bond). Many of these bonds are instant issue and can be provided to you at a very low rate.
ICC Broker Bond /BMC 84 /Federal Freight Forwarder Bond
Freight Broker Bonds are called ICC Broker Bonds, Federal Freight Forwarder Bonds or BMC-84 bonds. To satisfy a requirement to receive a license to legally operate as a transportation broker, we electronically file a bond with the Federal Government (The Obligee) for you. So, why do you need a BMC-84 bond? If You, (The Principal) fail to operate and comply with the shipper or motor carrier agreement, the insurance company (the Surety) will provide financial relief.
MVD Bond
A MVD Bond is required to obtain your dealer license for the state your dealership is in. The MVD Bond does not protect you or your business; it protects the consumer or state from fraud, misrepresentation or any other state statue referenced in the MVD Bond form. The MVD Bond amount varies from state to state The dealership cannot lower or raise the Surety bond amount as it is set by the state.
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How surety Bonds Work
Surety Bonds are a three-party contract. You, the Principal are the purchaser of the Bond. The Obligee who needs the service or work is the one asking you to purchase the Bond. The Insurance company or Surety backs this Contract financially. You pay a small percentage of the Bond amount as a yearly premium to the bonding company to compensate the Surety for the risk. The Surety provides a guarantee to the Obligee for the performance of your work. Surety Bonds and Insurance are different. Insurance policies protect you or your business as bonds protect the interests of the general public, your customers, and government authorities.
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I love working with everyone here. Our underwriters have been fantastic and are so willing to help and figure out solutions if there are problems. I love that if my underwriter doesn’t know the answer to a question, nothing is made up - she finds the answer.
Olga Kochutkova
My wife and I want to express our thanks and gratitude for your work on our claim. The claim was handled with great care and sensitivity. Your agent deserves a commendation for your great team work. It made a terrible time in our lives go smoothly and quickly.
Mark Wilson
I wanted to take a moment and tell you what a fantastic employee you have. She treated me with the up most professionalism and was a calming voice that alleviated my stress during a stressful situation. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Alan Smith