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Notary-Bond Bond Application

Type of Bond

A notary bond is a public officer commissioned by the Secretary of State to perform notarial acts. A Notary is an impartial witness

Always check with the Obligee "Obligee" for details

Notary-Bond Bond Application


Our application process for the Notary-Bond bond is easy. Apply for the Notary-Bond Bond Application.

Obligee Information

An obligee is the entity that is requiring you to have the Notary-Bond bond.

Obligee address:
Obligee: Obligee
State: Alabama

Here are a few state specific bonds.

State Surety Bond Bond Amount Obligee Bond Form More info
Alabama Alabama-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 Alabama Secretary Of State Alabama Alabama-Notary-Bond Bond Form Alabama Alabama-Notary-Bond Bond
Arizona Arizona-Notary-Bond Bond $5,000 Arizona Secretary Of State Arizona Arizona-Notary-Bond Bond Form Arizona Arizona-Notary-Bond Bond
Arkansas Arkansas-Notary-Bond Bond $7,500 Arkansas Secretary Of State Arkansas Arkansas-Notary-Bond Bond
California California-Notary-Bond Bond $15,000 Secretary Of State Notary Public Section California California-Notary-Bond Bond
District of Columbia Dc-Notary-Bond Bond $2,000 District Of Columbia District of Columbia Dc-Notary-Bond Bond Form District of Columbia Dc-Notary-Bond Bond
Florida Florida-Notary-Bond Bond $7,500 State Of Florida Florida Florida-Notary-Bond Bond Form Florida Florida-Notary-Bond Bond
Hawaii Hawaii-Notary-Bond Bond $1,000 State Of Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii-Notary-Bond Bond
Idaho Idaho-Notary-Bond Bond $5,000 Idaho Secretary Of State Idaho Idaho-Notary-Bond Bond Form Idaho Idaho-Notary-Bond Bond
Illinois Illinois-Notary-Bond Bond $5,000 Illinois Secretary Of State Illinois Illinois-Notary-Bond Bond Form Illinois Illinois-Notary-Bond Bond
Indiana Indiana-Notary-Bond Bond $5,000 State Of Indiana Indiana Indiana-Notary-Bond Bond Form Indiana Indiana-Notary-Bond Bond
Kansas Kansas-Notary-Bond Bond $7,500 Kansas Secretary Of State Kansas Kansas-Notary-Bond Bond Form Kansas Kansas-Notary-Bond Bond
Kentucky Kentucky-Notary-Bond Bond $5,000 Office Of The Secretary Of State Notary Branch Kentucky Kentucky-Notary-Bond Bond Form Kentucky Kentucky-Notary-Bond Bond
License Permit Notary-Bond Bond Obligee License Permit Notary-Bond Bond
Louisiana Louisiana-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 State Of Louisiana Secretary Of State Louisiana Louisiana-Notary-Bond Bond Form Louisiana Louisiana-Notary-Bond Bond
Michigan Michigan-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 Michigan Secretary Of State Michigan Michigan-Notary-Bond Bond Form Michigan Michigan-Notary-Bond Bond
Minnesota Minnesota-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 State Of Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota-Notary-Bond Bond
Mississippi Mississippi-Notary-Bond Bond $5,000 State Of Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi-Notary-Bond Bond
Missouri Missouri-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 Missouri Secretary Of State Missouri Missouri-Notary-Bond Bond Form Missouri Missouri-Notary-Bond Bond
Montana Montana-Notary-Bond Bond $5,000 Montana Secretary Of State Montana Montana-Notary-Bond Bond Form Montana Montana-Notary-Bond Bond
Nebraska Nebraska-Notary-Bond Bond $15,000 State Of Nebraska Secretary Of State Nebraska Nebraska-Notary-Bond Bond Form Nebraska Nebraska-Notary-Bond Bond
New Jersey New-Jersey-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 State Of New Jersey Secretary Of State New Jersey New-Jersey-Notary-Bond Bond
New Mexico New-Mexico-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 New Mexico Secretary Of State New Mexico New-Mexico-Notary-Bond Bond Form New Mexico New-Mexico-Notary-Bond Bond
New York New-York-Notary-Bond Bond $25,000 Obligee New York New-York-Notary-Bond Bond Form New York New-York-Notary-Bond Bond
North Carolina North-Carolina-Notary-Bond Bond $25,000 State Of North Carolina North Carolina North-Carolina-Notary-Bond Bond
North Dakota North-Dakota-Notary-Bond Bond State Of North Dakota North Dakota North-Dakota-Notary-Bond Bond
Ohio Ohio-Notary-Bond Bond $25,000 The State Of Ohio Ohio Ohio-Notary-Bond Bond
Oklahoma Oklahoma-Notary-Bond Bond $1,000 Oklahoma Secretary Of State Oklahoma Oklahoma-Notary-Bond Bond Form Oklahoma Oklahoma-Notary-Bond Bond
Oregon Oregon-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 State Of Oregon Oregon Oregon-Notary-Bond Bond
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania-Notary-Bond Bond $3,000 Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Department Of State Pennsylvania Pennsylvania-Notary-Bond Bond
South Dakota South-Dakota-Notary-Bond Bond $5,000 The State Of South Dakota South Dakota South-Dakota-Notary-Bond Bond
Tennessee Tennessee-Notary-Bond Bond $5,000 State Of Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee-Notary-Bond Bond Form Tennessee Tennessee-Notary-Bond Bond
Texas Texas-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 Secretary of State Statutory Documents Section Texas Texas-Notary-Bond Bond Form Texas Texas-Notary-Bond Bond
Utah Utah-Notary-Bond Bond $5,000 Governor Of Utah Utah Utah-Notary-Bond Bond Form Utah Utah-Notary-Bond Bond
Virginia Virginia-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 The State Of Virginia Virginia Virginia-Notary-Bond Bond
Washington Washington-Notary-Bond Bond $10,000 State Of Washington Washington Washington-Notary-Bond Bond Form Washington Washington-Notary-Bond Bond
West Virginia West-Virginia-Notary-Bond Bond $1,000 State Of West Virginia West Virginia West-Virginia-Notary-Bond Bond Form West Virginia West-Virginia-Notary-Bond Bond
Wisconsin Wisconsin-Notary-Bond Bond $500 Office Of The Secretary Of Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin-Notary-Bond Bond Form Wisconsin Wisconsin-Notary-Bond Bond

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