South Carolina surety bond

License and permit bonds are surety bonds required by South Carolina law, municipal ordinance or regulation. South Carolina surety bonds may be required by South Carolina statute in order to obtain a license or a permit from a state agency, or to meet financial responsibility. In most cases, a surety bond must be filed with your obligee before a license is granted or you engage in a particular activity.

Surety Bond requirements for South Carolina

Every Surety Company has different requirements for different South Carolina surety bond types. The surety bond company will evaluate your credit, financials and experience to determine if they will extend surety credit. Do not worry if you have been turned down for a South Carolina surety bond or if you do not meet the normal surety bond requirements we can help! We can bond almost any one without collateral for most license bonds for the state of South Carolina.

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South Carolina surety bond Cost

The surety bond cost varies for each bond type as well as for credit experience and financials. The cost of the surety bond can be anywhere from a half of a percent to twenty five percent.

Do they protect me?

South Carolina surety bonds are a reverse Insurance policy where the principal Indemnifies the surety and pays back all fees and expenses the surety may have suffered due to a claim. On this note, the Surety will review your personal credit and financial strength to determine surety credit.

South Carolina Surety bond Amounts as well as Obligee information changes frequently. The information you see below may be out of date. If you would like us to add additional bonds please let us know.

There are many different types of South Carolina surety bonds. Some of the most common surety bonds for South Carolina are:

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