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Bonds are generally bought for two basic reasons: one to invest their funds in a safety side and other is to get exemption from the taxes. This bond provides firmness of collection of stocks while estimating your current or future income. When stocks have been not sold, then taxes need not be paid. Only stocks have been sold, income tax is to be paid. Special tax treatment is also provided for dividends. Sometimes, for bonds also a tax has to be paid, because interest has been received twice a year. Every six months interest has been paid on treasury bonds. Interest received from these bonds is exempt from state and local income taxes. It guarantees the governing authority regarding the payment of sales tax or usage taxes in different jurisdictions. Generally, bonds are loans to companies and government. 


Program: Our agency currently has several specialty programs that can help you place your Tax-Bonds .

Tax-Bonds is an extension of credit, like a loan your rate will be based upon your credit situation. Most surety agencies will decline your bond submission if you don't have a 700 credit score, but our company is different. We can help you in almost any credit or financial situation. Our rates start at 1% for most surety bonds. If your credit has taken a beating we still can HELP! 

Always check with the Obligee "Obligee" for details

Tax-Bonds Application


Our application process for a is easy. You can apply for the Tax-Bonds Application .

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Obligee Information

An obligee is the entity that is requiring you to have the Tax-Bonds bond.

Obligee address:
Obligee: Obligee
State: Alabama

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