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Postal-Unit-Bond Bond Application

Type of Bond

A postal unit bond is a surety bond, which covers the contractual obligations in regards to postal services. This bond covers the sell of stamps and any other property of the USPS. 


Program: Our agency currently has several specialty programs that can help you place your Postal-Unit-Bond .

Postal-Unit-Bond is an extension of credit, like a loan your rate will be based upon your credit situation. Most surety agencies will decline your bond submission if you don't have a 700 credit score, but our company is different. We can help you in almost any credit or financial situation. Our rates start at 1% for most surety bonds. If your credit has taken a beating we still can HELP! 

Always check with the Obligee "Obligee" for details

Postal-Unit-Bond Application


Our application process for a is easy. You can apply for the Postal-Unit-Bond Application .

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Obligee Information

An obligee is the entity that is requiring you to have the Postal-Unit-Bond bond.

Obligee address:
Obligee: Obligee
State: Alabama

Here are a few state specific bonds.

State Surety Bond Bond Amount Obligee Bond Form More info
Federal-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond $25,000 United States Postal Service Federal-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond
Arizona Arizona-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond $3,000 United States Postal Service Arizona Arizona-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond
Arkansas Arkansas-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond $5,000 United States Postal Service Arkansas Arkansas-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond
California California-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond $35,000 United States Postal Service California California-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond
Florida Florida-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond $15,000 United States Postal Service Florida Florida-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond
Idaho Idaho-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond $13,000 Us Postal Service Idaho Idaho-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond
License Permit Postal-Unit-Bond Bond Obligee License Permit Postal-Unit-Bond Bond
Missouri Missouri-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond $20,000 United States Postal Service Missouri Missouri-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond
New Mexico New-Mexico-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond $25,000 United States Postal Service New Mexico New-Mexico-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond
New York New-York-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond $20,000 Usps New York New-York-Postal-Unit-Bond Bond

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